Inami (inami) wrote,

I haven't updated since January or something, whee!

I guess I'm just not cut out to maintain any sort of journal... Probably a combination of my being too lazy and my life being boring even to me. :(

So what's actually afoot over here? Well, we just got a satellite dish. Actually it's my sister's, but she doesn't want it anymore... But there's still time left on her contract with Bell, so now it's ours. It's hooked up to the big screen downstairs with surround sound, so my dad is understandably a happy camper... Even if he did completely wreck his left shoulder. It's been separated, and now he might have to go into surgery, after he tried to hide it from everyone that his shoulder was damaged for about a week... Now he can barely even move his arm.

And of course, Mother's day... But my mom went up to Omimi with my sister, because of the latter's new twelve hour shift schedule. So my mom's taking care of my sister's animals (of which she has two, a cat and a tiny tiny dog) until my sister's properly settled in. Who knows when that will be.

And that's pretty much everything that's going on with me right now. Plus I managed a whole post without a single internet meme or survey or anything!
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