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Meme II: Meme Harder

From various:

The Mirror Universe is a place where up is down, left is right, and blue is red, although with eerily similar patterns of organization -- at least at the moment you visit.

Name one of my characters and I will describe how they exist in the Mirror Universe, and whether or not they have a goatee.

note: the mirror universe does not have to be consistent, even among alts from the same game or affinity group
Still more Leon!


It's funny how something can feel great at the time and then leave you suffering. SUFFERING HORRIBLY.

So I was like, 'hell yeah I'll start running after work, it'll be great' except apparently I really don't know how to stretch right, 'cause my entire upper body is made of pain now, and thanks to that I got precisely two hours of sleep despite being completely exhausted beyond all reason.

Decidedly not a groovy turn of events.

Next step: Figure out the right upper body stretches to do, THEN do more running. Also today is going to either be completely hilarious, or abjectly awful.
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Twenty Seven

So, yesterday was my birthday, and for the first time since I was a kid, we actually had kind of a party. My grandparents were still in town from my sister's wedding, and my sister and her new husband were there, and so was amiboshi, whose presence I think was the major cause. I really appreciated it; maybe I'm not as big of a people-avoiding hermit as I thought I was.

Also there was ice cream cake.

Speaking of my sister's wedding, it was pretty zany. It was supposed to be an outdoor, sunset ceremony, but a sudden thunderstorm put an end to that. Still, it was pretty good as weddings go, though considering the last one I went to was a shotgun last-minute wedding, my impressions might be a little skewed.

Also, in a weaksauce note, it looks like Robert Jordan died this weekend. It may cost me my book nerd cred to say this, but The Wheel of Time is pretty much my favourite fantasy series by a modern author, even though Path of Daggers kind of sucked, and I guess it's never going to get finished (barring zombie author intervention), so in the grand tradition of anonymous internet eulogies, I'd like to thank the late Mr. Jordan for everything he did, and I hope he rests in peace and that his family is well.

Back to annoying people full time in a little over a week!
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On a lighter note...

How smart are you?

Oh man not another quiz!!

Also, I'd like to thank everyone who wished me well about my cat, either in my previous (Friendslocked, ha ha ha! I'm an elitist!) post or otherwise. It really does mean a lot to me, even if I'm bad about replying to comments in my own journal.

I should probably be in bed by now!
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I guess my previous Christmas post was a little premature, since I didn't get my real present until much later that night. Though amiboshi wouldn't really fit under the tree with everything else, now would she?

So, online people with whom I do various online things, I won't be around much if at all until she goes back home (on the 10th, I think), and as such you'd all best stay out of trouble while I'm gone.

I hope everybody else's year ends as well as mine has so far.
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Or whatever other holiday anyone reading this might or might not celebrate. I do not judge, you are all jerks to whom I wish nothing but the best. <3

My sister woke everyone up at six in the goddamn morning, it was not pleasant. I am v. tired and probably not coherent whatsoever.

However, I got Final Fantasy XII, finally. Also an extremely dapper leather jacket, and somehow my aunt found Equilibrium on DVD. Now my movie collection has twice the Bale.

I think I'm going to take a nap.
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Thanks to everybody who wished me a happy birthday yesterday, on here or on MU*s or however, it meant a lot to me. :O And sorry to anyone who was actually expecting me to be around (like people on MotM, since I said I would be, lawl), as various 'birthday things' ended up happening hereabouts.

Honestly, despite my actually birthday angst, I don't really feel any older or different, and haven't in a long time. Which might just mean that I'm stuck developmentally at age nineteen, in which case immaturity hooray.

Oh well, another whole year before I have to worry about that again! Thanks again, everybody.