Inami (inami) wrote,

Bits and Stuff and Yeah.

Okay, I totally haven't updated this in forever.

So what's going on with me? Not much. (Warning: Stream of consciousness ahead!)

1. I (finally) got Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince yesterday. And finished it in one day. I liked it! But I'll keep my other thoughts to myself... For now.

2. I basically had the entire house to myself for a week, which was actually really great. It turns out I can actually be responsible when I don't have anybody else around to pick up the slack for me. Then my aunt came back, and now I am SO LAZY again.

3. I have to put off any returns to school until January at the earliest, thanks to a variety of concerns (the most central of which being 'money') which has me kind of blah about things. Not that I have any significant goals beyond going back to school, but there you go.

4. One of my cousins got married, as many people who speak with me regularly know, because he got his girlfriend pregnant! She's kind of a dog, too, but I guess he's stuck now. I'm sure she's a very nice person, her complete breakdown at the reception as she realised she'd thrown her entire life away aside. Also, her family looks like the sort of people who might've actually threatened him with a literal shotgun had he not chosen to 'do the right thing'. Another one of my cousins is now living with a guy who plays for the Tiger-Cats. He's actually a nice guy.

5. feralknights keeps getting me to read new manga series, that fucker. Black Cat is a pretty kickass manga, though. amiboshi got me to watch an anime called Harukanaru Toki no Naka de, which is sort of like FY, except not. I like it. But until new episodes come out, all I can watch are FMP! and Gundam SEED Destiny.

6. Speaking of which, I totally need a Shinn Asuka icon. A cool one. With... Something. I dunno. STOP JUDGING ME!

7. I need to RP more.

Anyway, I think that's a decent enough summation of things.

Hey, at least it wasn't another damn meme.
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